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It was a Saturday which had hit me right on the face. I was coming back from my dietician cum physician and I had just discovered that I had gained three pounds of extra fat – weight. According to her, I was borderline obese and before the day started, it already had turned out to be a nightmare for me! I was feeling all sorts of things; angry, sad, emotional and what not. I was told to strictly follow a diet which contained cabbage, dried vegetables – in short food that you actually eat when you have a bad stomach, not a bloating stomach! Moreover, me being a foodie, did not help that situation at all!

I was back home, surfing through my Facebook when I came across this page named as MenuLog. I had heard about it from one of my friends saying that it was excellent, plus they had apps both for Android as well as Apple. I downloaded the app with a teensy tiny feeling of hope and I must say that was the best thing to happen to me that day!




MenuLog has over 8600 restaurant partners all over Australia, including international franchises like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Subway etc. They also have a variety of local restaurants offering more than 130 cuisines. Not only that they have restaurants which offer a fusion of food for people on diet, like ME. Plus, it’s not even that expensive all thanks to their discount codes!

I instantly placed an order for the beef salad, one of the restaurants were offering and my god, wasn’t it a treat for my taste buds. As I was enjoying my meal, I was also surfing through the MenuLog App only, with a smile plastered on my face. I had already had a food list ready in my head, and guess what? It was all healthy food. (My dietician would be really very proud of me!)

Not only was this a treat for my taste buds, but also for my wallet. I was worried how expensive this diet food would cost, but MenuLog burst the bubble of misconception from my head. The food was pretty reasonable, all because of the amazing MenuLog promo codes that are easily available at SuperSaverMama.

However, along with creating a menu of healthy food in my head, I had also prepared a list of cheat meals I would order from MenuLog. The list included names like chocolate and blueberry pie, waffles, pizza etc.

I’m so glad I came across this amazing food delivery service, which does not only deliver good food but also a lot of smiles!

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